There is no other more versatile helicopter spreading machine on the market.

Quick Facts

  • 300-1750L Standard, Other sizes custom built.

  • 6.5-25HP Motors available.

  • Suitable for slurry with low cost, quick fit attachment.

  • Stainless steel construction.

  • Twin drive belts.

  • Optional onboard compressor.

  • Optional product agitator.

  • Precision spinner and hub design reduces maintenance down time.

Helispread only uses high quality pneumatic air rams, compressors and a range of motors that will provide years of trouble free service for the operator. Interchangable discs allow the operator to quickly adjust product application rates in the field with no tools. Buckets are supplied with a full set of tapered choking discs in 5mm increments.


Helispread spreader buckets feature a unique built in air reservoir, precision machined hub and spinner, product agitators, readily available bearing replacements and a hook and go spreader bar complete with
certified ropes.

Helispread spreader buckets can be easily adapted to adjust capacity by attaching inexpensive extensions. In the pictured example, a 300L bucket is extended to 500L.   Standard sizes include 300, 530, 800 & 1200 Litre.

Optional hanger wheels allow one person to easily tilt and wheel the spreader away for storage.

Constructed from high grade stainless steel, Helispread buckets are designed to be lightweight yet strong and reliable. Our buckets last for years.


See just how easy it is to replace a slide on the Helispread Fertiliser Buckets.